Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 22 - Pai Retox

Today I have been travelling for 3 weeks. It feels like it has gone really slowly and really fast all at the same time.

We are currently in a charming little town called Pai, which is just northwest of Chiang Mai.  Our 4 hour bus ride to get here was an interesting one. We were on a minibus, which is like a cross between a proper bus and a minivan, which was very temperamental.  At one military checkpoint, the bus wouldn't start up again.  The driver, being the excellent driver he was, just continued to crunch the gears until he finally got it started again.  I'm not sure we changed gears at all after that, but the endlessly winding road meant we didn't particularly need to.  And we made it all the way without having to change buses!

Myself, Tom and four other guys are all staying at Paiburee Guesthouse, in a treetop bungalow.  Yep, I have a Pai Treetop Family! The other four boys are; the 3 Swedes, Jonathon, Roberto and Tobias, and, a token Englishman; Joshua. Our bungalow is basically just one big room, with 6 mattresses on the floor (almost like one big bed), and a roofless bathroom attached.  Which I call 'Alicia's Dressing Room', but boys being boys, call it 'The Poo Courtyard' instead.  Exactly, what the fuck was I thinking sharing with 5 boys?!  But our bungalow does have an awesome balcony, which is nearly as big as our bedroom. So this balcony meant Tom's rooftop bar in Chiang Mai has transformed itself into Tom's treetop bar in Pai. This time with hammocks!  How rude of me, I forgot to mention our other roommates.  They don't chip in for the room, and they make lots of noise, especially when I'm trying to sleep, but they are definitely staying with us.  They are the hundreds (sometimes it feels like thousands) of cicadas.  Hey, at least they aren't mosquitoes!

The original idea was to come to Pai, chill out, and detox from all the drinking and water fighting that was Songkran.  It is clear already this is not going to happen!  Tonight we found  Rasta Art Bar and Don't Cry Bar, which basically make up one big bar. Rasta Art Bar has a stage and live music, while Don't Cry has a bonfire, fire twirling and half price buckets! Together, they have everything you could want.  Tom jumped in on the fire twirling again (he's really getting good!), and then it all got a little hazy after that (half price buckets!).  But I do know that a good time was had by all, and I'm loving Pai with my treetop family!

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