Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 39 - Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single

I hired a bike to ride around the island today. Not a scooter or motorbike of course, a bicycle.  Now, I'm not the best bicycle rider (as Dani will fondly remember from Year 11 geography camp, when I made an art out of falling off).  I don't know what it is about bikes, but I just do not feel comfortable on them.  I do not have the best balance to start with, and as soon as I wobble, I panic.  I grip the handle bars far too tightly, and constantly drop my feet to the ground when I break. So as expected, I stacked it. Twice. And this island is completely flat. Today, my excuse is my hungover state of mind.

Last night was one of the party nights on the island, this time held at the Irish Bar.  Unfortunately I do not remember much from last night.  I remember dancing to some of the cheesiest Western music, like the Spice Girls.  And drinking arak, the horrible, and clearly lethal local spirit.  I remember doing shots with random people at the bar, and discussing the topic of Asian Toilets with girls in the bathroom. I may have also swapped singlets with some French boys. But what I did take away from last night, is Gili T's motto: "Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single". Love it.

But today I got to see parts of the island I hadn't seen before, and it just keeps taking my breath away. It's just so devastingly beautiful.  The awesome turquoise ocean, the green of the trees, the peaks of the mountains in the distance, the almost unreal colour of the sky. Did I mention how much I love it here?

I realised my time is kind of running out on the island, so I've booked a snorkelling trip for tomorrow, that will take me to explore the oceans around all three islands. Fingers crossed I see a turtle (and maybe not a shark?)

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