Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 11/12 - When the water rose up and met us

It's currently 1am and we are on a bus to Bangkok. Upon arriving in Hat Yai we were able to book a VIP bus straight to Bangkok leaving at 6pm. Having just escaped the broom closet that was our previous minivan, a VIP bus sounded most luxurious. What we didn't really take into account is that it would be our third bus journey that day, and would bring us to the soul crushing number of 20 hours spent on buses.

Being the bus lover I am, I was quite content to spend the first two hours or so dozing in and out of consciousness, catching snippets of songs embedded deep within my iPhone. Tom, however, was a different story. Being less of a busophile, and more of a valium-enthuse (with none in sight), he was rather envious of my relaxed and rested state. Let's just say, when you've spent 9 of the last 11 hours crammed next to each other in various forms of road transport, tensions are bound to get high.

After putting some food in our bellies and Tom finally getting a couple of minutes (in the space of hours) sleep, we found ourselves on a bus sloshing through water that was getting increasingly deeper as we went. To say that we fully understood why the trains weren't running would be an understatement. With my head glued to the window and my eyes fixated on the rising water, my only hope is that we don't get stranded here at 1 in the morning.

I've just seen a sign that says Tharong Chang Sao, so that's where we are. We are amongst abandon cars, obliterated road-side stalls, a couple of brave road trains and the odd dingy. Yep, it's getting pretty deep. I can now hear water sloshing around the doors where the toilet is, and I'm sure my bag is soaking up some of the water in the hold.

Let's hope the mechanics of this bus are waterproof!

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