Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 5 - Euphoria

Currently on a minibus going to the Perhentian Islands, there's 11 of us plus the driver, so its nice and cozy.  We also have a sneaky suspicion that our driver is the stig, will keep you posted ;) He is a risky overtaker, and a professional tailgater so hopefully we all make it in one piece.  Getting all our bags in the back was like an epic game of tetris, I hope I don't lose a shoe.

Today is the day it's hit me that I don't have to return to the chokehold of my previous job. It's an incredible feeling, like I own my life again, and I can take it in any direction I choose.  This is why people travel. If I could bottle this feeling, I'd be a millionaire!

Last night was interesting, a couple of us had drinks in a derelict building across the road from our hostel, which looks over Tanah Rata; the main town in the Cameron Highlands.  Just because we could. Tanah Rata is probably more like a village, but I think the fact it has a Starbucks makes it officially a town.  Too bad their coffee costs more than my dorm bed.

We've heard from various sources that there isn't much nightlife in the Perhentians, so we decided to stock up and bring the fun with us.  The amount of alcohol we've purchased is probably enough to keep the whole island pissed for a week, but when 5 bottles of vodka cost the equivalent of AU$28, how could we say no?!

Pulling into Kuala Basut now, where we will catch a fastboat to the islands - should be interesting. Can't wait to get back on the beach and into the water again.

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