Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 15 - Beer Buffet!

Last night we met up with Anders, who we met in Malaysia, and also starred in my blog post about the Cameron Highlands. Still having the scooter we hired yesterday, Tom made the journey to pick him up from the airport, and miraculously they both made it back to me alive and well.

Whilst that journey was in progress I met an Englishman who told me of a 'beer buffet', where for only 150B (about AU$5) one could enjoy all the Heineken they could possibly drink between 6pm and 10pm, so that is where I'm headed now.  Songkran (the water throwing festival, in celebration of the Thai New Year) has started early, so I've left Tom on the back of a Tuk-Tuk with a group of Thai boys; who are currently driving around the city and gunning down unsuspecting pedestrians with their water pistols.

Today we visited the temple Doi Suthep, which is on the top of an incredible mountain here in Chiang Mai.  Being the anti-religious person I am, temples aren't exactly my thing; but this one was quite impressive.  Being made out of gold helps!  But what I really enjoyed was the ride up and down the mountain.  The roads were winding, and wind in my face was fantastic.  We did have to stop and help people who had taken tumbles from their scooters, once on the way up, and once on the way down.  That made me very grateful I had Tom as my very capable driver.

But I digress, back to the important stuff, back to the booze! We've just arrived at the President Hotel, which is really rather swanky, not at all what I expected for AU$5.  The group I'm currently drinking with include; Joe (the englishman who led us to the watering hole, aka beer buffet), David (a Canadian, who likes No Doubt!) and Anders.  Tom shall hopefully find his way here, if soaking wet and a little cold, but nothing a Heineken (or 5) can't fix!

Tom did eventually find us (even if it did take a couple of attempts), and we ran into some more people we'd met who live and work in Thailand teaching English.  The night ended with us all in a local club, being the only westerners, and dancing the night away to a strange mixture of English pop and what I think was a Thai live rock band. Hopefully all that beer won't kick me too hard in the 'Heine' tomorrow!

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